A dynamic entrepreneurial culture

Engineering at work

Côté-Jean and Associates is an engineering firm composed of dynamic and efficient team members. We strive to respect timelines and budgets through innovative strategies and solutions. Our passion and dedication shines through the execution of every one of our mandates.

Our Mission

To meet the requirements of each mandate, we have specialists in every necessary discipline. Our experts provide our clients with an overview of each step of their project throughout its completion. Asking the right questions enables us to understand potential issues, to analyse situations and assess the risks, and transform our analysis into projections.


UA people-oriented culture

People are at the heart of succeeding our mandates. Sharing our knowledge while we execute projects is a priority to ensure satisfaction and autonomy.

Field know-how

Our distinctive style and curiosity when faced with a challenge on the field have allowed us to build our own unique identity in the world of engineering. Thanks to our strong adaptability skills, we conceive practical and innovative solutions that meet our client’s expectations.

The perfect blend of engineering companies


Concept Naval and Albert Group conseil have signed a strategic alliance with Côté-Jean and Associates that will enable them to consolidate the excellent prospects the future holds. This innovative alliance units various sized specialised engineering firms. Together, they share the same management philosophy that favours quality to quantity, values participation and is people-oriented. Relying on their distinct characteristics, the alliance members offer a new practical and efficient option to our clients.